CUE WAV Extract

CUE WAV Extract 1.1

A free and efficient file extraction tool for WAV + CUE image file sets

CUE WAV Extract is a one-task tool to help you extract individual tracks contained in image WAV files. To do so, it only requires the corresponding CUE file that is usually created during the image file creation process. The resulting individual WAV tracks can then be burned onto a CD easily or listened separately using your favorite audio player.

Image WAV files are an excellent choice when keeping the integrity of an audio disc is a priority. This is of special value when you make exact copies of the original disc, as the length of the gaps in between tracks remains unchanged. However, a WAV image will not allow you to jump from track to track when listening to it, as it stores the whole CD as a single track. Here is where a tool like CUE WAV Extract comes in handy – this simple application uses the information stored in the CUE file regarding the exact length of tracks and gaps, and “cuts” the WAV image file into its corresponding individual audio tracks.

The interface the program offers is just as simple as the task it performs, and comes with just some basic settings to allow you to customize the name of the extracted tracks, using the information contained in the CUE file (artist name, album name, and track number and name).

Finally, CUE WAV Extract supports batch extraction, which will let you select any number of CUE files and extract all their tracks in one simple operation.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Clean and clear interface
  • Straightforward functionality
  • Supports batch extraction


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